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Meizu M6s Gets Official

In a world of comically large smartphone announcement ceremonies held behind closed doors for journos, there's something refreshingly humble about the way Meizu announced the previously leaked M6s - they took t...
xiaomi made mi standalone

Xiaomi are Making the Oculus Go Headset

Qualcomm took to the stage today to talk about their future. You know the sort of thing, upcoming chipset releases, future features and the like, but they also had a pretty big rabbit up their sleeve in terms o...

Meizu 15 Plus Leak Reveals Notch, Dual Cameras

With Christmas behind us, the smartphone rumour mill is has returned to full functionality, and its first product? A full reveal of the Meizu 15 Plus. At least, if you're willing to believe a picture of a web p...
Note branding ending

Xiaomi Could Be Dropping ‘Note’ Branding

Much like men, all branding exercises must one day die. It's a tragic fact of life, but that doesn't make it any less shocking when it happens. Thankfully, I've yet to perish, but the same can't be said for Xia...


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