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OnePlus 3 Does Great Even Better

Last year when OnePlus launched their second and much improved smartphone, they called it a '2016 flagship killer'. Well, it's been 2016 for a while now, and though the OnePlus 2 remains a fine smartphone, it's...
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Lenovo Phab2 Pro is the First Tango Phone

Of all the crazy, potentially game changing projects that Google's ATAP division show off every year, Project Tango always struck me as one of the more mundane efforts. Touch sensitive fabrics, cryptographic co...
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Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 is Here

Xiaomi's Mi Band has always been one of its more compelling products. It launched at a time when fitness trackers were overwhelmingly expensive for what they did, which was track stuff like your steps and sleep...
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OnePlus Kills the Invite Forever

Rejoice! OnePlus have declared that from the forthcoming OnePlus 3, you'll be able to buy all of their phones completely free from invites. That's right, no more clicking on origami squares. No more putting you...
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Lenovo’s Zuk Z2 Is Real and Really Cheap

It's been just over a month since Zuk, a subsidiary of Lenovo, announced the Z2 Pro. Back then, we compared it against the similarly over-the-top Vivo Xplay5 and praised its downright affordable price tag. Howe...


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