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Huawei Enjoy 7S is Officially Official

You can say a lot of things about Huawei, but to say they're lazy would be pretty wide of the mark. Indeed, it feels like barely a week goes by without the Chinese giant releasing a phone at some price point or...
HD streaming issue

OnePlus 5 & 5T Can’t Display HD Netflix

Picture this: You buy a new smartphone, one of those ones with the big, gorgeous HD+ 18:9 screens. You marvel at all the pixels at your disposal - there's more than your TV! What else is there for you to do tha...
Android 8.0 update

Which Android Wear Watches are Getting Oreo?

Software updates! There's nothing quite like the scratching anxiety of not knowing whether your glowing box of glass, metal and silicon will be blessed with the latest code and now, in a wonderful quirk of the ...

Huawei Could Bring #Notchlife to Future Flagship

Notches! They're so hot right now, and between the Essential Phones little circular notch and the iPhone X's elongated bar, the world's gone totally nuts for bits of the screen which are missing to make way for...


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