Ever found yourself torn between the choices offered by modern smartphones? As we reach a period of parity in terms of how mobile phones run and operate (even the low end ones), making a decision can be difficult. Alcatel (the American arm of Chinese brand TCL) also seem to think that one of the major issues facing consumers is that of operating system panic. ‘Android offers all the apps I want, but Windows Phone looks nicer, help’, Alcatel imagines us all crying into a pillow as we return from another long day phone hunting. As such, they’ve done the only thing they consider right and announced a phone that runs not just Android, but also Windows Phone and Firefox OS too. The Pixi 3, the appropriately titled sequel to the Pixi 2, is able to run all three out of the box, and allows you to jump in and out of operating systems as you choose.

Specifications are a little light on the ground, though we have an official picture (above) and news that the phone will arrive with various screen sizes (3.5”, 4”, 4.5”, and 5”) to go along with those gently curved, bright plastic backs. All told, these should be on the lower end of Alcatel‘s phone range and the 3.5″ model will be arriving without 4G in an effort to keep prices down even further. The thought process for the company is doubtlessly that those new to smart phones will go for a phone which saves them from the paralysis of choice and allow them to experiement and discover which phone operating system is for them.

Alcatel are currently setting up shop at CES so we should get a great deal more information in the coming days, so stay tuned.

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