There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of K-Touch (or Tainyu, as they’re sometimes known). For western audiences, they seem like they’ve only just burst onto the market, but in actuality they’ve been around for over a decade now, having launched back in 2002. Within three years they’d completed their first round of customer research, launched their first phone and partnered with MTK to bring their innovative integrated CPU, GPU and wireless chip to their range of phones, meaning that by 2009 this little known company had become the third biggest phone manufacturer in China. They’d managed to sell over 4.1 million handsets in a single year, perhaps thanks to their distinctly ‘Chinese’ way of making phones; offering built in UV lights to detect counterfeit bills, Dual-SIM support and a raft of other features not commonly seen in the West. Well, it was either that, or their extremely aggressive pricing structures, which put smartphones in the hands of many Chinese nationals for the first time. Though if we’re being honest with ourselves, it was probably the UV lights. I mean, it was. Definitely.

Today, they’re pushing ever higher end phones with consistently low pricing, along with that they refer to as “superior customer service” and a strategic partnership with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. You can find them breaking open up the low end of the market with devices like the T619, a frugal little Android device that runs for just £20 in its home country.

Essential facts:

Launched: 2002

Domestic Market Share: 5.7%

Tagline: ‘Kiss face Touch Heart’

Prominent phones: V8, A11 Plus, A14, M15 Plus, M15, M30

Where to buy: Deal Extreme, focalprice, BangGood

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