Recent weeks have brought plenty of news about Huawei’s future flagship effort, from the reveal that Huawei could bring an iPhone X-style notch to their top-tier device to strong rumours that the device would feature a triple-lens camera system, whatever that means.

Those whispers, however, didn’t really tell the whole story about Huawei’s latest flagship, because serious changes to the formula are afoot, not least the name, which is said to be going from P11 all the way to P20. At least, that’s if new leaked schematics of the P20 family are to be believed. We’ve got our hands on the alleged internal images which show the exterior designs of the P20, P20 Plus and P20 Pro, so, let’s dive in.

leaked schematic

First up is the base P20, which instantly distinguishes itself from the outgoing model with a few key features. Firstly, there’s now a large, almost borderless 16:9 display on the front of the device, with a front mounted fingerprint reader squeezed in at the very bottom and a earpiece and camera module along the top.

It’s around the rear though that the biggest change comes, with a visual demonstration of what a triple-lens camera system actually looks like – it has three cameras mounted horizontally. It’d mark the first time a triple-lens system has been implemented on a smartphone, and could combine the two predominant dual-lens techniques by having a black and white sensor, a colour sensor and a dedicated zoom lens.

leaked schematic

The P20 Plus, meanwhile, will increase the overall screen size of the phone whilst keeping bezels in tact. Distinguishing it around the back will be the same three-lens array mounted vertically, though it’s not clear what advantage this would hold.

leaked schematics

It’s the P20 Pro, however, which seems to be the most interesting of the bunch. Opting for an almost edge-to-edge display with an iPhone X-style notch (as indicated in previous leaks), the P20 Pro moves the fingerprint reader to the rear middle of the phone, indicating that the company isn’t ready to drop fingerprint scanners just yet.

Above that is the same three-lens camera array, a feature that’s been closely developed by imaging icons Leica.

What these leaked schematics don’t reveal, however, is anything about the range beyond what they sort-of look like. For that, we’ll have to wait for Mobile World Congress in February.

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