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Review Roundup: Huawei P9

It's fair to say to say that Huawei's P9 is more evolution than revolution, but that's not to damn it with faint praise. The P8 had great hardware, and this new model keeps much of that design but adds a much i...
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Huawei P9 Gets Announced with Leica Dual-Camera

Huawei's done a lot right over the last 12 months. They've slimmed down their product portfolio, pushed the solid P8 Lite down into borderline impulse buy territory and helped launch the Nexus 6P - the first Ne...
april 6 2016

Huawei Announce P9 Launch

If you're the sort of person who marks down major technology launches on their calendar and considers Huawei's P8 the most underrated smartphone of 2015, then get ready for this - Huawei are ready to announce t...

Huawei Ink Leica Deal

Japan's CP+ camera show is now in full swing, and aside big reveals from the likes of Sony, Canon and other major photography brands, we've caught wind of a major (and majorly unexpected) collaboration - Huawei...


If the news that Huawei were working with Google on a Nexus phone was meant to be a secret, then it certainly was a poorly kept one. The leaks came thick and fast, but specifications and blurry pictures of meta...

Huawei Want Your Opinion on Bloatware

Sometimes, a question doesn't even need to be asked; 'Does anybody want ice cream?', for example. Or, alternatively, 'Does anyone like pre-installed applications?'. It's the sort of question that only a hardwar...
2015 Flagship availability, release date UK

Huawei’s Mate S Is the 2015 Flagship

It's official: flagship season is amongst us once again. HTC are gearing up to show off the One M10, Apple have got a new iPhone on the way and the Lenovo owned Motorola brand are mere moments from shipping the...
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EISA Award Huawei’s P8 Best Smartphone 2015

Opinions, they say, are like minor medical complaints; everyone's got one, and nobody wants to hear about yours. Well, except doctors, but who can trust them, really? Some organisations though, like the Europea...
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