Oxygen OS for OnePlus one

OnePlus Unveil Oxygen OS

We knew it was coming, and here it is: Oxygen OS. Ever since Cyanogen (OnePlus' software launch partner) partnered with Micromax to release phones in India just months before OnePlus were due to make their debu...
OnePlus One

For One Weekend You Can Buy the OnePlus One

Look, you and I both know Black Friday isn't usually a thing worth getting excited over. £50 off a TV here, buy one get one half price on shampoo products there, it's usually just one of those days where you tr...
OnePlus One Shop

OnePlus to Open First Retail Store

See that tiny, low resolution picture above? That's the soon to be opened OnePlus retail store in Blue Harbor, Beijing. Well, it's a picture of it, but it does mark the fledgling smartphone company's first ever...
OnePlus One

Review Roundup: OnePlus One

If there's one phone that's done more to stir up the excitement of Android fans in 2014, then it's undoubtedly the OnePlus One. A spin off from the Oppo brand, OnePlus stepped onto the centre stage and announce...
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