Camera focus

Vivo’s Apex Concept is a Taste of the Future

Smartphone innovation tends to come from all over the place. One manufacturer will figure our a better button placement, another will push camera boundaries, another might innovate in AI. Over time, these small...
china smartphone growth 2017

China’s Smartphone Growth Falls for First Time

It's easy to forget amid continuous reports of spectacular growth in China, but that's not the way economies typically work. Indeed, China is a special country - one with a vast population rapidly embracing a c...
xiaomi sale

Your Guide to 11.11 & GearBest’s Amazing Sale

This is a sponsored post paid for by GearBest. All views are my own, however. Enjoy! Every year, on the 11th of November, there's a Chinese holiday which blows every sale you've ever seen out of the water. I...

Oppo & Vivo Reign Supreme In Chinese Market

The Chinese smartphone market is, basically, totally bonkers at the moment. With each passing quarter (that's 3 months, to you non-business folks), there's some seismic shift in who exactly is selling the most ...
solid 2015 growth

Oppo, Vivo and Gionee Grow in 2015

When it comes to the world of Chinese made smartphones, there are some names which garner more attention than others. In the West, it's those which marry top tier specifications with startlingly low prices (see...
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