ZTE 2015 flagship

ZTE Make Nubia Z9 and Z9 Mini Official

And so the hype cycle ends; not with a bang, but with the release of two new phones. First we saw the specs leak, then we saw the pictures leak and finally we saw the pictures leak again. But pictures of a diff...
Face unlock phone

ZTE Announce Grand S3 with Eye Unlock

It's official - fingers are yesterdays news. I mean, who wants to wipe their disgusting meat digits on their screen when they could just as easily unlock it with their disgusting meat eyes instead? Exactly, nob...

ZTE To Turn to Online Sales Only

Following the lead from two of China's most successful smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi and Motorola (recently acquired by Lenovo), ZTE have announced today that they intend to sell their high end phones throug...
ZTE logo

All About ZTE

ZTE or - for those amongst us who don’t go in for acronyms - Zhongzing Telecommunications Equipment are a company. A company which makes mobile phones. They’re a mobile phone company. From China. A Chinese mobi...
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