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Camera focus

Vivo’s Apex Concept is a Taste of the Future

Smartphone innovation tends to come from all over the place. One manufacturer will figure our a better button placement, another will push camera boundaries, another might innovate in AI. Over time, these small...
huawei p20 concept image

More Huawei P20 & P20 Plus Specs Leak

We might only be little over a month away from the expected reveal of Huawei's five-camera toting, notch-loaded flagship beast, but that doesn't mean there are no leaks left to squeeze out before the big da...
leaked live images

Live Meizu 15 Plus Images Leak

And there we have it - the first real-world images of the Meizu 15 Plus. It's a smartphone which has been leaked a number of times, but only in the form of manufacturers sketches or sketches from people who ...
china smartphone growth 2017

China’s Smartphone Growth Falls for First Time

It's easy to forget amid continuous reports of spectacular growth in China, but that's not the way economies typically work. Indeed, China is a special country - one with a vast population rapidly embracing a c...
Xiaomi updated devices list

These are the Xiaomi Devices Getting MIUI 9

Am I going to get the latest update? It's a question that every smartphone owner asks themselves at some point in their phones lifecycle, and with each passing year, the anxiety grows until, one day, you're ...

Meizu M6s Gets Official

In a world of comically large smartphone announcement ceremonies held behind closed doors for journos, there's something refreshingly humble about the way Meizu announced the previously leaked M6s - they took t...
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