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Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker

Review Roundup: Xiaomi Mi Band

At this stage in 2014, it's no longer possible to deny that fitness trackers aren't a 'thing'. Sure, they've been around for a few years, promoted by specialist companies like FitBit, but 2014 has seen almost e...
Redmi 1S Hero

Review Roundup: Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Taking a walk around a phone shop in the UK will reveal that there's a war going on between the high end and the low end. At one time, high end phones were noticeably better than their low end rivals, packing b...
OnePlus One

Review Roundup: OnePlus One

If there's one phone that's done more to stir up the excitement of Android fans in 2014, then it's undoubtedly the OnePlus One. A spin off from the Oppo brand, OnePlus stepped onto the centre stage and announce...
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