Just as was foretold, August 13th saw Xiaomi lift the curtain on MIUI 7, their latest customised version of Android. As expected, this time it’s built on Android 5.1 and brings with it a pile of UI changes, themes, features and more, so lets dig in.

Aside from the general speed and UI improvements that Android 5.1 brings over its predecessors, Xiaomi have brought a greater degree of customisation to things, offering five themes built in, including one called “Goddess”, which can be seen above. It’s pink, and if you hadn’t guessed, Xiaomi reckon women are going to be way into it.

There’s also some changes to the way MIUI handles calls, allowing your to set custom videos for contacts so that they play when you’re rung, and organisational changes ensure that you wont get lost amongst an endless list of contacts.

Interestingly, it would appear that Xiaomi are now selling data directly to customers with an app called Mi Roaming, which means Chinese customers will be able to use a virtual SIM card to use data as they travel, paying Xiaomi directly rather than swapping out cards.

Xiaomi are also changing the photo application, adding facial recognition to the gallery, allowing you to sort photographs by who’s in them, and even allowing you to set names and profiles, giving you at a quick overview at all the pictures you have of them.

Amazingly, MIUI is now in use by over 150 million people around the world, and this new version of the software will be rolling out via an OTA update to the Mi 2, Mi 2S, Mi 2A, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note, and the Redmi Note starting from the 14th.

The company are holding a press conference for the ‘global’ version of the ROM on the 19th of August, where they’ll share some more details, but until then, look after yourself.

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