Look, you and I both know Black Friday isn’t usually a thing worth getting excited over. £50 off a TV here, buy one get one half price on shampoo products there, it’s usually just one of those days where you try to get your head down and ignore the news reports of people being trampled to the point of serious bodily harm. This black Friday is different though, oh yeah, because the famously difficult to purchase OnePlus One is on sale to everybody, invite or no.

That’s right, by heading over to the OnePlus black Friday store (right here, hombre) you can buy the 16GB or 64GB models for £229 or £269 respectively, which makes them outstanding value compared to almost any other phone on the market. Our own review roundup found it to be a superb phone let down by just how difficult to buy it was. Well, that’s no longer an issue, so get over to the page and purchase today. The offer ends on Monday, so don’t hang around on this one, you’ll likely not see another opportunity to purchase one for a good long while.

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