Fire up the litigation klaxon, because Huawei are suing Samsung! Now, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t every phone manufacturer suing every other phone manufacturer all the time? Well, almost, but Huawei’s lawsuit is a pretty interesting one, none the less.

Huawei are alleging that Samsung Electronics have infringed on smartphone patents, and it actually marks Huawei’s first intellectual property challenge against the company. But that’s not the interesting bit. The interesting bit is that this lawsuit is being heard in the United States, an area where Samsung have ruled dominant for a long time now. Chinese smartphone makers typically aren’t able to break out into the global market because of threat from litigation, so to see one suing Samsung in one of their overseas strongholds.

Samsung, for their part, have said they “we will take countermeasures, including a lawsuit” though they haven’t said exactly what on. Huawei have stated that they’re looking for compensation for the trademark infringement, but in reality, they’re likely looking to reach an agreement to use a number of Samsung’s technologies instead.

As for when this hits the courts or exactly what Huawei’s other complaints are (the publicly available filing is redacted), we don’t yet know, but don’t be surprised if you hear a good deal more about this in the future.

In the meantime, why not take a look at our Huawei P9 review roundup?

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