This is getting a little ridiculous, isn’t it? I get that the spec war necessitates bigger and better everything, but how far can we truly go with the size of our phone screens before they reach parodic levels? When I reviewed the original Samsung Galaxy Note back in the heady days of 2012, I called it ‘a monolithic slab of Gorilla Glass and plastic‘ and mocked it’s ‘borderline hilarious’ 5.3″ screen, comments which now look about as quaint and relevant as the headline of an early 00s issue of Maximum PC Magazine. Still, in a world where Apple, once stalwarts of small screens, proudly trumpet a phone which makes the original Note look petite, we can’t truly expect the trend stop now.

Enter Huawei, who’ve decided that the industry trend of incremental screen size increases to test whether customers will still buy them is nonsense. Such nonsense in fact, that they’ve just announced the Huawei MediaPad X2, an Android 5.0 phone with a 7″ screen.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘That’s not a phone, that’s a tablet!’. Well, you’d be right, if Huawei weren’t dead set on calling it a phone. It even has phone features, like a sim card slot, earpiece and microphone. See? Phone! So, what else does this particular slice of lunacy have going for it? Let’s fine out. The MediaPad X2 (shall we just call it the X2?) comes in two different flavours, a 16GB model that features 2GB of RAM or a 32GB model which comes with 3GB. Both versions of the tablphone feature an octa-core Kirin 930 CPU and Mali-T628 GPU, 802.11ac WiFi, LTE connectivity, Bluetooth and the usual array of sensors that make up a modern phone.

Screen wise, that 7″ display ia 1920 x 1200 laminated IPS LCD display, whilst on the camera front there’s a 13MP (f/2.4) main unit and a 5MP (f/2.2) front facing camera. Mercifully, the phone is just 7.12mm thick and weighs a scant 239g, so if you do choose to put it to your face it shouldn’t be as uncomfortable as other similarly sized objects.

Pricing isn’t known yet, but the entry level of the outgoing X1 came in at about £300, so I’d expect the same when it lands in your preferred online retailers warehouse. Oh, and before you suggest it, using a bluetooth headset is never, ever permissible.

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