It’s getting a little crowded for Huawei news around these hallowed halls, isn’t it? From their decision to drop their toxic ‘Ascend’ branding to news that they’d abandon the low-end of the smartphone market, it’s been nothing if not eventful in the house of Huawei. All that insider gossip might actually have done enough to distract you from what the company does best – release smartphones. Well, to bring the news cycle back to reality, join us as we report some unverified (though highly likely) rumours!

This time, the Gods of leaking have turned their gaze to Huawei’s already once leaked 2015 flagship, the P8. Our report last year pointed towards a 5″ 1080p IPS panel, powered by a ludicrous Kirin 930 CPU, 3GB of RAM and a price tag of around £310. That leak, however, pointed towards a release within the first month of 2015, a date that has well and truly passed.

This new leak confirms those rumours, but indicates that the phone will also be 6mm thick, which would make it 1.1mm thinner than the iPhone 6 and something of an achievement for the Chinese corporation. The leak also states that the phone will cost around $480, which converts to around £320, not too far at all from our initial leakers information. on top of that, we’ve finally discovered the battery unit the P8 will be of 2600mAh, which would put it at a disadvantage in comparison to other high end phones that feature huge battery packs. These specifications are subject to change, but the decision to go with a smaller battery unit could be because of the 16nm CPU being used in the phone, which would have greater power efficiency.

Aside from that though, we’re still in the dark. Details like camera, expandable storage and connectivity are still without clarification, but you can bet that by the time the phone gets its expected announcement proper in London during April, all will be clear.

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