Sometimes, a question doesn’t even need to be asked; ‘Does anybody want ice cream?’, for example. Or, alternatively, ‘Does anyone like pre-installed applications?’. It’s the sort of question that only a hardware manufacturer could ask, and coincidentally, it’s exactly what Huawei have asked their customers.

Bloatware has been a problem for Android since almost the word go. Whilst the original HTC G1 (Dream, in some markets) ran a clean build of stock Android, it’s sequel, the HTC Hero brought with it a heaping pile of HTC built applications and a heavy skin. It set the tone for the last 6 years of smartphone manufacturing, as hardware companies tried their hand at making ugly, compromised software (see: Sense, TouchWiz, et cetera). The only respite we’ve had has come in the form on Motorola’s X and G series of phones and, of course, the Nexus range.

Now, it’s no well kept secret that Huawei are making a Nexus phone for Google, so we can be sure that there’s at least one bloat-free smartphone coming from the world’s third largest phone manufacturer, but what about their own efforts? Well, Huawei want you to weigh in.

In a blog post, Huawei lay out a scenario:

You just purchased a new Android smartphone and you are powering it on for the first time. When you reach the home screen, you might be greeted with a lot of pre-installed apps or maybe just the basic Google apps. Some users enjoy having the most popular apps like Facebook or Amazon pre-loaded so they don’t have to download them, while others are annoyed when they see extra apps that they have no intention of using. When it comes to 3rd party pre-installed apps, where do you stand?

So, where do you stand, hm? Click here to vote, and remember, the only one you hurt by lying is yourself.

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