Well, I’m sure this isn’t how Huawei hoped their 2015 phones would get their first airing. Huawei, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in China and a relatively large presence in the United Kingdom and USA have accidentally found themselves on the wrong end of a leak which lays out the specs and timetable for some of their biggest 2015 phones.

The headline here is the Ascend D8, a monster of a phone that packs a 2K, 5.5″ screen (like the imminent and oh-so-tempting MX4 Pro), a 64-bit Kirin 950 processor so new it hasn’t even been announced yet and 4GB of RAM to compliment 64GB of internal storage. If those specifications prove to be true, it’s going to make for a pretty exciting phone upon its launch in May of next year if you can handle the phones supposedly near £500 price tag – yikes.

There’s also the matter of the Ascend P8, the long awaited follow up to one of Huawei’s best selling phones – the P7 (pictured above). The phone, which the document indicates will be launched at CES in January of 2015, will pack a full 1080p panel across 5″ of screen and a Kirin 930 chipset, 3GB of RAM and a much more reasonable £310 price tag. Also in the high end there’s the Mate8, follow up to Mate7 which has a 2K resolution, Kirin 930 chip, though an unspecified amount of RAM.

Huawei Leaked 2015 Lineup

On the low end, we also have the Ascend 5, 7, 5X and 7X, each of which carry either 5 or 5.5″ screens with a minimum of 720p resolution and prices which range from £75 for the Ascend 5 all the way to £200 for the 7X. Those are good prices for the UK prepaid market, and if Huawei can continue the strong design focus which won them plaudits earlier in the year, they may well have a couple of hits on their hands.

That being said, this leak could come to nothing, but lets face it, would anybody be dull enough to make this up? We’re only two months away from finding out.

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