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In the past, we’ve experimented with blasting these out through social media channels (what do you mean you’ve not liked and followed us yet?), but for the New Year, we thought we’d give over a paragraph or so to each. Want to get started? Alright, let’s go.

Huawei Shipped 153 Million Smartphones in 2017

In their efforts to become the biggest smartphone vendor in the world, Huawei accidentally forgot to make any profit in 2017 Рdespite shipping 153 million handsets during the calendar year.

In a New Years message, Huawei CEO Hu Houkun pegged annual revenue at 600 billion yuan, an increase of 15% over the previous year. However, thanks to increased R&D and marketing costs, profits have been virtually non existent, effectively meaning a break even. It’s the slowest revenue growth in four years for the company.

Xiaomi Bringing iPhone X Gestures to Smartphones

The Chinese smartphone market has an unfortunate reputation for ripping off the big western technology brands, a reputation it often doesn’t deserve. However, there’s no denying that Xiaomi’s latest “Full Display Gestures” closely mimic those introduced by Apple to navigate the all-screen iPhone X.

xiaomi news

As seen in the image above, the familiar gestures will arrive on the Redmi 5, 5 Plus, Mi MIX and Mi MIX 2 in a forthcoming update to the MIUI 9 software.

Huawei’s Leaked 2018 Roadmap Highlight Busy Year

Huawei might be used to the occasional detail leaking about their smartphones, but the full roadmap for 2018? Well, that’s far from usual. Nevertheless, Israeli website Gadgety managed to get ahold of an image snapped at an Alpha Telecom (a licensed Huawei importer) event for the Mate 10. The picture purports to show Huawei’s release plans for the coming year, including no fewer than nine device launches planned for the first quarter, in what would be a stunning release blitz.

huawei news

Whilst it’s worth noting that the image is A) unverified and B) likely only true of Israel, it provides a fascinating insight into what could be coming from Huawei in Q1 and beyond.

Xiaomi’s Mi 7 Could Go Full FaceID… Or Not

Anticipation is building around the next big flagship from Xiaomi, and though LEi Jun – Xiaomi’s CEO – recently announced the device would be using the latest generation Snapdragon 845 chip, we still don’t know an awful lot about the phone. There’s been strong indications that the device will almost completely eliminate bezels on the front of the phone, making do with only a miniscule cut out for a camera unit, which has led many people to ask – how will you unlock the phone.

Recent rumours have brought forth the possibility of 3D facial recognition like that used in the iPhone X (Android phones have had face unlocking for years, but not 3D scanning). However, another report from GizChina indicated that the phone could use an under-screen fingerprint reader, pointing to fresh renders of the device, embedded below.

new render

So, effectively, we don’t really know. If you were to press me, I’d bet on the under-screen fingerprint reader. Isn’t speculation fun?

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