It wouldn’t be CES without Lenovo kicking up a fuss over its new products. For the last two years it’s all been about their surprisingly great range of Yoga laptops and sleeker-than-sleek Thinkpad Carbon Ultrabooks, but this year it’s about something different; this year it’s about smartphones. Which smartphones, you ask? Why, only the Vibe X2 Pro and the P90. Interested? Of course you are, so join me as I lavish you with all the details, starting with the Vibe X2 Pro.

Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro

You remember the Vibe X2, don’t you? Released in October of last year to, well, middling reviews? Yeah, that one. At the time, it came with a pile of mediocre specs but a downright beautiful tri-tone colour scheme. Well, say hello to the Vibe X2 Pro, which scraps the mediocre specs but keeps that fly paint job, so let’s find out what it does.

Weighing in at 140g and with a thickness of 6.95mm it’s significantly thinner than the outgoing model but 10g heavier. The front is dominated by a glorious 5.3″ Full HD IPS screen and the phone is powered by a 64bit Snapdragon 615 processor, clocked at 1.5GHz and running alongside 2GB of RAM – pretty impressive for what Lenovo consider to be their mid-range device.

Elsewhere there’s 32GB of internal storage, a 2410mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.1 LE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, GPS, EDGE, HSPA+, and LTE. It’s also got the usually myriad of sensors including proximity, light and gravitation (!). There’s also dual-sim support for either regular or nano SIM. The phone is currently running Android 4.4.4, but Lenovo have promised a speedy update to Android 5.0.

What Lenovo are really banking on with this phone, though, is your vanity. Want proof? The Vibe X2 comes with matching 13MP cameras on both the front and rear of the phone. Yes, no longer will you have to turn the phone around in order to get the best picture of your pristine features. Better start that New Years diet, ey?

Lenovo p90 smartphone

Turning to the P90 for a moment, you’d be forgiven for being a little let down. Where’s that tri-tone construction? What happened to its wasitline and what is that Intel logo doing there? Well, stick with us, because the P90 is a total powerhouse.

Packing a 5.5″ Full HD IPS display and measuring in at 8.,5mm thick, it’s been studying from the the Lumia Icon Big Book of Design, but thats where the similarities end. Inside, the phone is powered by an outrageous Intel 64bit 1.8Ghz quad-core Atom chip, which is one of Intel’s latest desktop class mobile processors. Oh, and there’s 2GB of RAM in there too. On the connectivity side Intel have paired that chip with their 5-mode XMMTM 7262 modem which gives it access to high speed LTE-Advanced and TDD in parts of the world which offer access to the higher speed connection.

Like the Vibe X2 Pro there’s 32GB of internal storage and a 13MP rear camera with optical image stabilization, but there’s no 13MP front facing camera here, only a mere 5MP offering. Naturally, none of this would be worthwhile if they hadn’t included a worthwhile battery, and boy did they include a worthwhile battery. The P90 comes with an astonishing 4000mAh battery, which should see it run for days and days on end.

Lenovo have remained cagey about availability of these devices outside of China, but they have been releasing phones within the UK for a number of years now, making a UK release possible. We’ll update this as we get more information, but for now stay tuned for more CES 2015 coverage.

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