Let’s face it, what most people use phones for is changing. Once upon a time, it was about calling, then it was texting, then it was mobile internet, then it was to play Angry Birds (remember how huge that was?) and now, well, now it’s to take pictures of yourself. The future, my friend, is here.

Now, this time last year Lenovo strolled into CES carrying a series of nicely designed phones and an ungodly totem to narcissism called the Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash, which let any old smartphone take front-lit pictures. Curiously though, despite clearly thinking it was a good idea, Lenovo failed to launch any smartphone in 2015 which had a front facing flash built in. Here’s the thing though – it’s 2016 now, and Lenovo have that phone. It’s called the Vibe S1 Lite.

lenovo vibe s1 lite front

The Vibe S1 Lite is, you guessed it, the cheaper cousin to the Vibe S1 which came out in November. Unlike a lot of ‘lite’ models though, the S1 Lite doesn’t scrap the things you might actually care about. That means that you’ll get the same 5″ 1080p IPS display, glass and metal construction, dual sim slots and LTE radio. Everything else, well, that’s a mixed bag.

Gone is the depth sensing secondary camera at the front of the phone (replaced, as mentioned with that front facing flash), but we do get to keep that excellent Sony made 8MP front unit. The processor has seen a downgrade to a 1.3GHz octa-core processor from MediaTek, and a move to 2GB of RAM. Getting an upgrade, however, is the battery, which goes from a 2,420 mAh unit to a 2,700 mAh one, which will go some way to powering that Android 5.1 code.

How much does this slimmed down Vibe S1 set you back? Well it’s going to cost around £135 when it launches in China later this month. You’ll be able to pick it up from the usual places, of course.

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