Lenovo might well be winding up their smartphone brand in favour of the, admittedly, more desirable Motorola moniker, but not before they get all their phones out of development and into the hands of customers. Recent memory has seen the pretty desirable Vibe X2 Pro, the absurdly powerful P90 and even a brief sojourn into lofty narcissism. Whilst all of those have their own virtues, there’s been nothing for the road warrior out there – for the human who demands power and battery capacity above all else. That is, until they showed off the A7000, a large (76.2mm x 7.99mm x 152.6mm) black slab filled with silicon.

Sure, it might not have the sexiest of names or, indeed, frames, but the A7000 isn’t designed for anything else other than getting done what needs to be done. So, how does it do that? It starts, appropriately, with a gigantic 2,900mAh battery and dual SIM card slots. From there, specification highlights a speedy MediaTek MT6752m, a Mali720 MP2 GPU and 2GB of RAM, all of which are powering a 5.5″ IPS 720p display (likely chosen for increased battery performance). On top of all that, there’s 8GB of internal storage, which is expandable to 40GB with a 32GB microSD card.

For software, there’s a horrendously modified version of Android 5.o to give it that iPhone vibe and the whole range of Lenovo’s ‘DOit’ applications, which let you ‘share data with other devices without a network, optimize device performance, prevent viruses and malware, or back up your contacts, SMS, & call logs’. We’re also told there’s an app which will match your wallpaper to the actual weather outside, so get ready to see a lot of water droplets on your phone screen.

So, how much does this large lump of plastic cost? Rs. 9,999, if you’re in India, which translates to just shy of £100, or £97 if you’d like to be specific.

It’s available right now via our trusted suppliers, or via Lenovo direct. Is one of the last Lenovo phones worth £97 to you? That’s up to you, no easy answers here.

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