When it comes to leaks, there are big ones and little ones.

The little ones are your blurry Foxconn pictures, your insider tips and your concept imagery. Your big leaks, meanwhile, are your hands on videos, devices out in the wild and detailed reports. So, where does this latest leak land in the grand scale? Quite highly, we reckon.

Firstly, it details a phone we’ve never even heard of before – the Meizu M6S, a presumed refresh of the M6 (pictures above) and secondly, it revealed a few details about this brand new phone.

From the eight second clip embedded below, we get a glance at both the front and rear of the device, which shows off a tall 18:9 display, a fingerprint reader embedded in the side-mounted power button (like Sony’s recent smartphones) and a new bit of branding – mblu.

Found at the rear of the handset at lower right hand side, mblu appears to be a new branding effort for the company, and could signal a brand split in 2018. Unfortunately, the video cuts off the rear camera configuration, but if we had to guess, we’d reckon you’re looking at a dual-camera setup, as is increasingly the norm.

No other details have leaked regarding this mystery phone and, indeed, it might not even be a mid-gen update to the M6. What we do know though is that Meizu are clearly gearing up to move into the 18:9 space, and that’s something to keep a keen eye on as we move into 2018.

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