It can’t be easy being a Meizu fan. Each new week seems to bring a new phone at a new, pretty unbelievable price point and everything would be fine if you could just get your hands on the bloody thing. Of course, you could make use of an importer like the ones detailed in our buyer’s guide (hint hint), but if you had your heart set on the official channels then well, you’ve been bang out of luck. Until now, that is.

Indeed, the impossible has happened and Meizu have seen fit to unleash their first phone on the West. So what have they chosen as their debut device? Why, it’s the MX4 Ubuntu Edition, of course! Yes, the device has gone from press release to reality, and though it did miss its Q1 deadline by a relatively hefty margin, beggars aren’t known for their ability to choose. So what does the MX4 Ubuntu Edition offer?

Well, in broad terms, you’ll be getting the same MX4 that’s for sale in China, which means a 5.36″ 1080p IPS display, a 20.7MP camera, MediaTek MT6596 CPU with a PowverVR G6200 MP4 GPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage (full specifications here). Those are decidedly mid-range these days, but Canonical are very confident that it’ll be more than enough to power their young software. Speaking of software, that’s the real story here, so let’s dig in a bit.

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Ubuntu Touch, as they’ve deemed fit to dub it, is yet another phone operating system. Except sometimes it isn’t. Put simply, Ubuntu Touch wants to take the free, customisable nature of Ubuntu on your desktop and transport it to the small screen in your pocket. Ubuntu Touch also lets you plug your phone into a monitor and act as the full desktop version of Ubuntu for productivity anywhere. On the mobile screen though, there’s still much work to be done from Ubuntu, and should improve dramatically once customers get it in their hands and begin using them as their daily driver.

Canonical see this as a device for early adopters, but the combination of novel new software and Meizu’s lovely hardware might prove too tempting to turn down for many. Unfortunately, stocks are limited and in order to win an invite to buy (remember when you could just walk into a shop?), you have to take part in their interactive ‘origami wall’. It’s a simple enough game wherein you get three clicks a day on little white +’s to uncover an invite, which I promptly failed at and got told to return tomorrow.

Perhaps you’ll have better luck, and if you do you’ll have to shell out €299, or around £212 for the honour. Good luck, Ubuntu fanatics.

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