It’s fair to say that Lenovo’s takeover of Motorola’s flagging smartphone division hasn’t yielded the results the Chinese giant thought it would. Though the company enjoy good penetration in Europe thanks to strong low-end model sales, Motorola don’t hit as hard around the world as the company would hope.

That’s doubly true for their domestic market. 2015 found Lenovo relaunching Motorola in China with the Moto G 4G, Moto X and Moto X Plus. Nevertheless, despite a steady flow of releases in the country, the brand now known as Moto┬áhas failed to get a foothold. Indeed, last year saw Lenovo drop out of the top 5 global smartphone makers as upstart brands stole their thunder.

In response, the company launched the terrific ZUK sub-brand, which offered low-cost, high-spec smartphones. Those have had a strong impact in China (and in the UK, thanks to fantastic sales and easy imports), and now it seems like Lenovo are prepared to bring ZUK’s software over to Moto smartphones, in a bid to boost sales.

ZUI (pictured above) is a far cry from the near-stock Android currently offered by Motorola around the world on their smartphones. The news was confirmed by Lenovo’s Vice-President Alex Chen Yu, via his Weibo account. It’s also unclear whether the colourful and classy UI will make its way to the rest of the world, or whether this is a China-only change.

Regardless, it marks a significant shift in policy for Lenovo, who are now bringing Moto closer to their other brands. Take a look at how ZUI functions below, via YouTube.

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