Picture this: You buy a new smartphone, one of those ones with the big, gorgeous HD+ 18:9 screens. You marvel at all the pixels at your disposal – there’s more than your TV! What else is there for you to do than fire up Netflix or Amazon Prime to enjoy the latest and – wait – what’s this? SD? SD?!

No, it’s not my elevator pitch for 2018’s biggest horror hit, it’s the agonising scenario that OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T owners have been dealing with since the phones launched.

Following extensive customer complaints on the OnePlus forums, owners have found that the 5 range lack the Widevine rights management certification required to play anything beyond mediocre standard definition (Widevine Level 1). It’s something of a bizarre omission from the phones, especially considering every OnePlus device before the 5’s had the ability to watch HD content.

Nevertheless, OnePlus have heard customers pleas and have confirmed that a fix is in the works, which will bump the Widevine level up to 3 and restore functionality. Still… Weird, right?

We’ll update this article when OnePlus fix the issue.

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