Way back in December we covered the news that OnePlus 5 and 5T smartphones were unable to play HD Netflix or Amazon Prime, despite the fact that all other OnePlus devices could. It was something of a scandal at the time, and resulted in plenty of ire on the OnePlus forums, with customers understandably furious that their expensive new smartphones couldn’t display HD content from one of the biggest names in town.

At the time, OnePlus placed the blame on the phones not currently supporting Widevine Level 3 copyright protection, instead only supporting Level 1. A fix was said to be in the works, but nothing further was announced. Until today, that is.

The good news? Your 5 or 5T can indeed play HD Netflix and Amazon Prime. The bad news? You’ll only get the update if you’re willing to send your phone away to OnePlus, because the phones need to be updated via a physical connection to an authenticated PC. Here’s how they put it:

We’ve just rolled out a program to update OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T handsets. Due to the security processes involved with updating the devices, we can only deliver the update via a physical connection from an authenticated PC. If you are interested in this update, please contact our CS team for more information.

We’re covering the courier costs for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T customers who would like the update, as you will need to send your device to us to update. We have a process in place which means we’ll have your handset back to you in no more than five working days from when we receive it. We’ve worked hard to streamline this process as much as possible, and because of this we’re unable to cover the courier costs for customers outside of our service regions, which are North America, Europe, India, and China.

Edit: We understand this isn’t the most convenient approach, but due to the technical aspects of Widevine DRM the update must be applied via a physical connection to an authenticated PC.

Clearly OnePlus recognise this is far from an ideal solution to a nagging issue, but at the very least they’re offering to cover the costs of shipping and returning your smartphone. The real question is, can you afford to be without your phone for a week?

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