Rejoice! OnePlus have declared that from the forthcoming OnePlus 3, you’ll be able to buy all of their phones completely free from invites. That’s right, no more clicking on origami squares. No more putting your name down for a raffle. Just good, old fashioned clicking on a website until they let your process your payment. Isn’t the future dreamy?

OnePlus are a little nostalgic for the old system, saying that the “invite system has a special place in our history”, allowing them to manage inventory and build up extreme levels of hype. Nevertheless, the system is being ditched for a more conventional buying system. Here’s what they said:

With the OnePlus 3, we’re officially saying goodbye to invites. It’s a big step for us as a company, our fans, and fellow tech enthusiasts. After sending out millions of invites over the past two years, it’s hard to not think back to the early days and how far we’ve come. We’re proud to have reached a point where we feel confident in making our new device available without invites from day one.

Nevertheless, there’s still going to be plenty of buying weirdness for the OnePlus 3, because those who tune in to the OnePlus 3 announcement on June 14th via The Loop (OnePlus’ VR experience/shop) will be able to pre-order the phone first – a full two hours before the rest of the rabble. Additionally, OnePlus have opened up their phone sales to Amazon UK, so keep your eyes peeled for the OnePlus 3 there.

Join us on the 14th of June as we cover the OnePlus 3.

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