See that tiny, low resolution picture above? That’s the soon to be opened OnePlus retail store in Blue Harbor, Beijing. Well, it’s a picture of it, but it does mark the fledgling smartphone company’s first ever retail store, and a particularly unusual move considering that they’ve only ever released one phone – The OnePlus One.

According to the poorly translated Frandroid post which appears to have broken the story, press were allowed around the store for promotion purposes, but the shop isn’t due to let in the Chinese public until the 20th of December, at which point the frothing crowds will have access to the OnePlus and, according to Frandroid a ‘gaggle of official accessories’. including some exclusive JBL E1+ headphones.

It’s a particularly unusual move when you consider that OnePlus scarcely makes a profit on each phone sold and they’ve only sold 500,000 to date. So, one must presume that they store is more status symbol than direct result of outrageous profit. That said, if word of mouth picks up and the company can get its production line in shape, OnePlus might well have something of a hit on their hands. After all, who doesn’t a want a dirt cheap flagship?

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