Thought you’d expended all your energy getting excited over the launch of the superb OnePlus Two? Well, grab a coffee, take a deep breath and settle in for this one, because OnePlus are readying the launch of yet another smartphone: the OnePlus X. More than that though, they’re preparing to unveil it in just over two weeks time, on the 29th of October. So, what’s this new OnePlus smartphone all about? Read on.

Being promoted at this early stage with the typically techy tagline ‘Powerfully Beautiful’, this phone has already been spotted in an FCC filing, one which revealed a few key specifications. For example, we know we’re looking at a phone with a 5.5″, full HD display (potentially the same unit as in the OnePlus Two), a 1.9GHz processor and support for the usual suspects like LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and FM radio.

Whilst those might not give us the best indication of what sort of phone the X will turn out to be, an Amazon India listing briefly published offers a better look at the devices specifications. The listing suggests the phone will feature Android 6.0 (with Oxygen OS), a full metal frame, 1450mAh battery, 2GB of RAM and even gives a name to that 1.9GHz processor we heard about earlier, suggesting it’s a MediaTek MT6795 chipset.

Most interestingly, the listing also suggests the phone will come with ClearForce technology (like that seen in Apple’s pressure sensitive iPhone 6s and Huawei’s Mate S) and SideTouch functionality, which lets you use the metal frame of the phone to launch apps or operate the camera.

Overall, these specifications hint at a cheaper OnePlus smartphone than the Two, and one clearly aimed at bringing mid range smartphone features to the low end of the market, just as the Two brings high end features to the mid range.

Finally, there’s a leaked picture which appears to show the back of the phone, highlighting an iPhone inflected design that certainly doesn’t look cheap. Take a look, and we’ll see you on the 29th of October

leaked rear image

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