It’s Mobile World Congress over in Barcelona at present, which means that it’s time for impressive tech demonstrations. Though whilst the rest of the mobile industry is showing off things like bendy screens, Oppo are tackling the issues that people actually have with their smartphones – issues like charging.

Fast charging technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last five years, with the latest Snapdragon chipsets coming with fast charging that allows them to go from empty┬áto 80% in around 35 minutes. That’s damned impressive, but Oppo are showing off technology which allows them to go one further – a full charge in less than 15 minutes. They call it SuperVOOC and whilst its nomenclature won’t be winning any awards, it could dramatically cut down the amount of time you spend waiting for your phone to charge.

The company are showing off the technology with a reference device that packs a 2,500mAh battery, some regular smartphone guts and a micro-USB port, though they say the technology supports USB-Type C too. With SuperVOOC, they’re going from a lifeless device to one that’ll go a full day by the time they’ve finished their short explanation of the technology (a full breakdown of the tech is available here, if that’s the sort of thing that interests you)

For now, Oppo aren’t talking about licensing the technology out to any third parties, so┬áthis is likely to remain Oppo specific for a while. The company are also remaining cagey about when we’ll see this in our next Oppo smartphone, but expect to hear more as 2016 progresses.

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