Review Roundup: Oppo N3
The Oppo N3 is the right kind of novelty - one which takes its unusual feature and does it right. Sadly, it's let down with a high price tag.
GSM Arena80%
The Next Web75%
The Star65%
PC Mag80%
  • Superb build quality
  • Excellent camera performance
  • Gimmick works perfectly
  • Prohibitively expensive
  • A little unweildy
  • Battery only just gets through a day
72%Overall Score
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Alright, we’re going to get this pun out of the way. The Oppo N3 turns heads. With a 16MP rotating camera atop its frame (akin to a motorised NEC e313 from back in the day), the N3 was designed for those who take selfies as seriously as they do pictures of their dinner. Thankfully, the phone also has more up its sleeve than that with a Snapdragon 801 processor, Adreno 330 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (with MicroSD support) and dual SIM support. It’s a spec list that had many interested, but how did the phone hold up when placed in the unforgiving hands of the worlds reviewers? Join us as we find out below.

GSM Arena:

It’s clear the Oppo N3 is more than just a robust cameraphone with a quirky motorized lens – it’s Oppo’s current flagship. The Oppo Find 7 may have something to say about that with its 5.5″ QHD display, 3GB of RAM and stereo speakers but it can’t compete on camera skills and doesn’t feel half as premium. The Oppo N3 isn’t just another great deal from the East – it has flagship innards, premium looks and a matching price tag. At the moment the Oppo N3 will cost you a prettier penny than some true international droid flagships would.

So what has the N3 done to deserve its hefty price tag? Well for one, it can stand up to most premium smartphones out there and not feel ashamed. Oppo has made one of the best-feeling smartphones ever – the soft, matte plastic and its perfect blend with the high-grade aluminum frame look and feel great, despite the fact that the Oppo N3 isn’t the easiest 5.5″ device to handle.

The Next Web:

The Oppo N3 may be gimmicky on paper, but it ends up feeling surprisingly practical. Its rotating camera has legitimate benefits, the Skyline notification does what it’s supposed to do and the O-click remote occasionally comes in handy. I was satisfied using it as my daily driver, nitpicks notwithstanding.

Even if you don’t care for these features, they don’t command a price or performance premium. The core experience of using the N3 remains a pleasant one: a well-designed, large-screen phone with solid performance and some of the best image quality around – for landscapes and self-portraits alike. If that sounds enticing to you, it should definitely be on your radar.


If you want a subtle, minimalist premium phone with top-of-the-line specs, look elsewhere. Personally, I think my money would be better spent on the Nexus 6. But if you’re willing to settle for good-but-not-great stats, use Color OS, and want to stand out from the crowd with some fun extras and an excellent camera to boot, the N3 is definitely worth your attention.

The Star:

In terms of design and functionality, the N3 outshines its predecessor. There is a lot to like about the smartphone such as the Skyline Notification and motorised camera, both of which make this device unique in a crowded Android market.If you are looking for a solid Android smartphone that stands out then check out this model.

PC Mag:

With features like a motorized, rotating camera module, rear-mounted button, and double-sided notification light, the Oppo N3 throws convention to the wind. It’s a refreshing mishmash of ingenuity and borrowed design elements that come together to deliver an impressive smartphone experience. I like the N3, but I’m not ready to recommend it over the Nexus 5 or Moto X, both of which are more affordable on the unlocked market. The Nexus 5 is nearly half the price at $349, while the Moto X starts at $499 with tons of customization options. And those looking for a stellar big-screen experience should check out the $649 Google Nexus 6, our Editors’ Choice unlocked phablet. The Nexus 6 offers a gorgeous Quad HD display, screaming performance, and unadultered Android. Ultimately, the motorized camera is a neat party trick that doesn’t justify the difference in price.

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