Review Roundup: Xiaomi Mi Band
The Mi Band is stunningly cheap, works with all 4.3+ devices and tracks just as well as other (more expensive devices)
  • A full month worth of battery
  • Tracks very well
  • Almost too cheap to believe
  • Not as fully featured as others
  • Doesn't offer notifications
  • Doesn't unlock all Android phones
90%Overall Score
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At this stage in 2014, it’s no longer possible to deny that fitness trackers aren’t a ‘thing’. Sure, they’ve been around for a few years, promoted by specialist companies like FitBit, but 2014 has seen almost every major manufacturer push out a tracker of their own, typically with price tags in the £70 to £100 range, making them a considered purchase, rather than an impulse. That was, of course, until we heard about Xiaomi’s effort – the Mi Band. It promises to track steps, calories burnt, distance travels, active and sleep time along with sleep quality all for around £9, a price which makes it damned near irrisitable. Oh, and it also unlocks your phone (if you happen to own a Xiaomi) So how did the reviews find the game changing device? Read on to find out!


“On the whole, I would recommend the Mi Band as a great entry-level wearable for those that don’t want to make a big monetary commitment into their first fitness tracker. It could also be an excellent gift for any Android-wielding friends and family, even the less tech-savvy ones.It doesn’t do anything new, but it doesn’t lack any major features of its pricier competitors, either. Frankly, unless there’s a specific feature or third-party app that you just can’t part with on the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone Up, I can’t see any real justification for buying them over the Mi Band. I don’t think Xiaomi is going to convert users of other fitness trackers out there, but at just US$13, it could easily steal away the majority of first-time buyers and those looking to upgrade from their old school pedometers. As long as it can keep up with demand, that is.”


“Overall the Mi Band is a good fitness tracker, which can also track your sleep for the price tag. It doesn’t have any complicated setup procedures and works as promised. Even though it doesn’t have a display, the call notification is good. Xiaomi can do more with this by implementing the same for other notifications, making it change the color of the LED lights”


“Overall, this is an ultra affordable fitness band designed to be the first entry-level fitness band, which certainly has all the abilities of any costly popular fitness bands. Except for the fact that its app doesn’t support the notification alerts. It could be an excellent gift for any family member of friends who are less tech-savvy, but have the need of tracking health data.”


“The Xiaomi Mi Band is a basic but well thought out product. It’s perfect for those of you who like to keep fit as a general daily routine and also perfect for you if you just want to monitor your health.The 30 day battery life and a comfortable strap really make the Mi Band a worthwhile product, and the app is nicely designed and easy to understand too.Although this little device hasn’t got access to all the cool Android Wear features the Mi Band has earned itself a permanent place on my wrist, whereas the LG G Watch, with all its features, is currently collecting dust!”

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