The OnePlus X’s launch was something of a curiosity coming so shortly after the release of their ‘2016 flagship killer‘. It eschewed the ultra-high end specifications of that aforementioned flagship in favour of gorgeous industrial design and specifications more befitting of a 2014 flagship (indeed, its specifications are roughly in line with that of the Xperia Z3). Along with those lower end specifications came an even lower price – just £199 for the glass model, or £269 for a rare ceramic model.

Of course, OnePlus are OnePlus, and that meant entering a raffle in order to win an invite to purchase a OnePlus X. We even gave away an invite here at Chinese Smartphones, but one drop doesn’t quench the first of an army, does it?

Thankfully, OnePlus announced that from today they’ll be dropping the invite system and letting customers purchase at will. Oh, and there’s a new ‘Champagne’ colour option So, what are you waiting for? Go get it.

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