Back when Xiaomi announced the Redmi 3, it was a difficult value proposition to argue with. It paired a nice 720p display with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 eight core processor, dual sim support, 2GB of RAM, a huge 4100mAh battery and 32GB of internal storage. In short, it was an excellent value mid range smartphone at a startlingly low £85 price tag – especially when you factor in its solid construction.

However, Xiaomi aren’t known for letting a good thing go un-tinkered with, and so, they’re preparing to release the Redmi 3 Pro, but what’s new?

Well, the answer is ‘not a lot’. The device weighs the same, measures in the same and comes with almost exactly the same specifications, except in two regards. Firstly, you’re getting an extra gigabyte of RAM storage, now up to 3GB, and secondly, there’s now a rear mounted fingerprint scanner.

Those are nice additions, but they don’t address the biggest pain point for many of those early Redmi 3 customers – the camera. Customers have complained of middling performance from the phone’s rear mounted camera, and this new Pro model does little to address that.

Regardless, with expandable memory, nice build, a solid screen and Android 6.0 on board, it’s a very tempting proposition for the budget clique. The Redmi 3 Pro is hitting Xiaomi’s markets on the 4th of April, but you can import it from one of our recommended retailers.

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