When the iPhone X launched just a few months ago,. people were quick to write off the future of the fingerprint reader on smartphones. After all, where Apple lead, many often follow, and with all-screen smartphones (many of which predating the X) struggling to find a convenient location for the fingerprint reader, it seemed as though the days of the ol’ fingerprint reader might well be finished.

Well, put the black suit back in the wardrobe, because fingerprint readers are roaring back into style. Why? Because under-screen ‘readers are finally going to arrive in a production smartphone, courtesy of Vivo.

News earlier in the week indicated that a phone with the technology would hit the market early next year, thanks to twitter user @PatrickMoorhead, we now know that that phone will come courtesy of Vivo, but why should you care?

Neatly dodging the space issues that traditional scanners require and feeling suitably ‘next gen’, under-screen readers won’t need you to look at your phone or hold it a certain way, just put your finger on the screen and watch it unlock.

Vivo’s smartphone prototype is using a Synaptics branded sensor, which marks a shift from earlier prototypes which utilised a Qualcomm based unit, although early reports said that model was much too slow to be usable in a production smartphone.

Time will tell which model this Synaptics sensor ends up in, but you can be sure we’ll have all the information when it officially (or unofficially) becomes available.

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