The promise of a million janky novelty ‘turn your screen into a fingerprint reader’ apps has finally been made good, but whilst Samsung and Apple might have been toiling away for years to create under-screen fingerprint readers, they’ve been beaten to the punch by Vivo.

Whilst we saw pictures of a ‘test device’ from Vivo with the hardware last month and video a couple of weeks ago, Vivio were keeping tight-lipped about when we might see an official release with the technology on board. That all changes today, however, as Vivo have unveiled the X20 Plus UD – the first ever smartphone to seamlessly integrate the fingerprint reader into the screen, thanks to help from Synaptics.

underscreen fingerprint reader

Getting there first is impressive, but what about the rest of the clumsily titled device? Well, as it turns out, the X20 Plus UD is little more than a tweaked version of last years X20 Plus.

That means you’ll be getting the same all-metal body, the same 18:9 6.43″ 2160 x 1080p OLED display, the same dual 12MP camera array and the same Snapdragon 635 processor, 4GB of RAM, Android 7.1 and 3,905mAh battery. Those specs put the device firmly in the mid-range bracket, but at the very least you won’t have to slide your finger around the back of the phone to unlock it from now on.

Pre-orders for the device are slated to open later today for Chinese customers, with the first devices rolling out from February 1st. It’s not the cheapest around though, with a price which comes in at CNY 3,598, or roughly £397. You’ll be able to find it from our trusted resellers.

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