Remember how stunned you were by the Mi Mix? Well, there’s more where that came from. Whilst the 2017 crop of major manufacturer smartphones feature near edge-to-edge screens (see: Galaxy S8, LG G6), they make certain concessions regarding top and bottom bezels, leaving the dream of a screen-only smartphone to more experimental manufacturers.

That’s why a new device from an extremely obscure Chinese smartphone brand is causing such a stir. It’s called the Alpha, and¬†comes from a brand called Maze, whose only product thus far has been the Maze Blade 4G, a cheap and cheerful device with respectable specs and a sub ¬£100 price tag.

The Alpha, however, is something else entirely. From their early promotional images, the Maze Alpha boasts a damned-near edge-to-edge display, metal frame, matte black rear, dual camera system and, well, your guess is as good as mine. It’s a design clearly inspired by the dreamy Mi Mix, but it does differentiate itself in one clearly visible way – it has a real earpiece up top. The Mix makes use of a piezoelectric speaker, which uses the metal frame of the phone to generate sound.

As for internal specifications, the best indications we have come from reliable leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) who suggests that the phone has an unnamed octa-core SoC, 6″ 1080p display with Gorilla Glass 4, dual rear Sony camera units (13MP and an unknown unit), a 4,000mAh battery and you choice of 4GB/64GB or 6GB/128GB storage, all powering Android Nougat.

Those specifications indicate that the Alpha is smaller than the Mi Mix and roughly comparable in power, though it does have a smaller battery. What’s missing from his report is, basically, everything else. The Mix made use of incredibly tough ceramics to avoid damage from drops and boasted a rear fingerprint sensor, hi-res audio chipset and much more.

Whether the Alpha attempts to top these specs, we simply don’t know yet. At a guess though? It seems fair to imagine that Maze would look to bring this phone in at mid-range prices, marking the first real edge-to-edge mid range device.

We’ll update this article when Maze finally make their device official, and you can check out the preview website here.

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