If reading all this piping hot smartphone news has gotten you suitably enthused over the prospect of Chinese smartphone ownership, then pay close attention, because we’re going to share with you the best places to buy Chinese smartphone brands within the UK.

Though there’s not currently there any major UK suppliers of Chinese smartphones, there are plenty of import opportunities available.

The businesses which import, all of which are listed below, are a mixture of Chinese, American and European (with one in the UK) based warehouses which offer some, if not all, of the phones you might be looking for. It’s always worth pointing out however that your purchase may be subject to import duty, and any attempt not to pay that duty will result in a fine or your purchase being withheld.

If the website advertises a European warehouse though you’ll likely be fine, as EU to UK sales don’t pay import duty – just another perk of EU membership.

So, which companies made our 2018 guide to the best websites for buying a Chinese smartphone? Take a look below, and share your thoughts in the comments!

Deal Extreme

deal extreme chinese smartphones

An old favourite amongst the novelty gift and phone accessory market (seriously, there’s some great stuff on Deal Extreme), Deal Extreme are also pretty fantastic at selling you mobile phones. Lots of manufacturers are covered in their range and payment is quick and easy, with completely free delivery to the UK.

Personally, I’ve used DX four times so far and each time the product has arrived safely and promptly, though your own experience will vary and I promise absolutely nothing. DX currently have a 7.0 rating on TrustPilot, making them a rather solid option for the UK based smartphone buyer.


BangGood are currently sitting on a rather impressive 8.6 rating on TrustPilot, making them the best regarded retailer in this list. They also have one of the most varied stockists in the ecommerce world, with almost every Chinese smartphone worth mentioning.

Delivery is free to the UK and prices are consistent with other retailers, making it an excellent choice for just about anybody. UPDATE: Since originally writing this I’ve had some personal experience with BangGood, who delivered my Mi Band within two weeks, but personal mileage will vary.



AliExpress is the consumer focused end of the world’s biggest eCommerce website, Alibaba. Think of it as a Chinese version of Amazon, they stock pretty much everything and offer comprehensive 24/7 customer service. They don’t stock any items themselves, but instead act as a front for sellers, but unlike many other companies they’ll side with the buyer in case there’s a dispute.


Focalprice is another website in the style of Deal Extreme, which is to say it’s something of a bazaar that also carried Chinese smartphones. There’s free shipping on everything and great prices across the board, and the website have really turned things around on the customer service front, hitting a 7.0 rating on TrustPilot.


Originally known as XiaomiShop, the company became HonorBuy when mistaken for the official outlet for Xiaomi products in the West. Today they’re still an excellent place to shop for Xiaomi products like the Mi Mix 2, Mi A1 and Mi Max 2, amongst others, but that’s not all – they also stock LeEco, OnePlus and Meizu. Some of their stock also comes directly from their EU warehouse, which means no import duty and faster shipping, something of a win/win for the smartphone buyer on a budget.

I can’t personally vouch for the effectiveness nor legitimacy of HonorBuy, so this is one we’ll throw out to our community – have you tried Honorbuy? Got any advice? Share it below!


I’ve listed GearBest here because it’s consistently amongst the highest rated by customers across the UK and, indeed, worldwide. With an intuitive interface, extremely fair pricing, good customer service and often got the cheapest prices on big ticket items like smartphones, they’re a tremendous option. We regularly rate them amongst the best and though delivery can sometimes be slow


Got some of those crazy valuable Bitcoins burning a hole in your hard drive? Well, FastTech is the website for you. Most items have plenty of reviews in English and though their focus is on the eCig market, you can still find plenty of mobile phones on there too. If PayPal is more your speed, they accept that too.


Amazon hardly need an introduction, but I’m going to give them one anyway. Amazon sell everything. Like, everything. That includes, unsurprisingly, Chinese smartphones from almost every manufacturer. The issue for buyers is that many of these listings come from third parties who can’t be verified to see if their product is the real deal.

As such, it’s a bit of a wild west and will likely require a little bit of careful thought and digging before you pull the trigger on your big purchase. When you do though, Amazon offer amazing customer service and have a great returns policy, so you should see your money treated with respect.


MobiCity are the only retailer on this list with a co.uk listing, and are listed under ‘MobiCity UK Limited’, which inspires some confidence into the legitimacy of that claim. They’re also the proud owner of a 7.0 rating on TrustPilot, making them quite well regarded. Prices tend to be higher than the other websites but you are buying from a UK company, so something has to give somewhere and stock seems very good, so there’s a high probability of finding something that you want. I haven’t personally tried MobiCity, so do you homework before purchasing from them.


Another bazaar style website, DinoDirect seem content to sell you pretty much anything. They do have one distinct advantage though in the fact that they accept PayPal, for added security in your purchase. From experience, their customer service is fast and fair, plus they sell some of the more obscure manufacturers, if that’s your thing.


PandaWill are unique in offering import tax and VAT insurance if your order is stopped at the border, and for an added 10% on your order, they’ll issue you a full refund on the important tax & VAT if you show them the customs slip. It’s up to you to decide whether that’s worth it, but it is an option that offer. They also accept payment through Skrill and PayPal, if you’d prefer to pay that way.

This list is constantly being updated, so check back often. In the meantime, why not join in our comments section or like us on Facebook for all the latest Chinese smartphone news?


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