There are three dreams in my life. The first is, naturally, total and complete world domination. The second is the to see the resurrection of Steve Martin’s acting career. The third is to own a phone with a wooden back. Ever since the original Moto X showed me a world where the back of my phone could look like the side panel of a 1970s family estate car, I’ve been lost in a world of desire. With that, I hope you understand why this bamboo edition of Xiaomi’s Mi Note flagship has gotten me so hot under the (metaphorical) collar. I mean, bamboo! On a Mi Note!

This new edition, announced by Xiaomi on Tuesday (and completely missed by me until today) is priced at £250 and adds 0.9mm to the overall thickness of the phone (it’s now 7.85mm thick) but shaves off 5g to make it 156g heavy. Otherwise, it’s got precisely the same specifications as the Mi Note, which means it’s still that same phone which had The Verge crying out for a US release just a few weeks ago.

If you’re still on the fence, just take a look at the phone. Go on, do it.

Xiaomi Mi Note Bamboo 1 Xiaomi Mi Note Bamboo 2


See, isn’t life better when you submit to the bamboo way of things? You can find out where to buy the Xiaomi Mi Note Bamboo Edition by clicking the red words you just read.

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