Qualcomm took to the stage today to talk about their future. You know the sort of thing, upcoming chipset releases, future features and the like, but they also had a pretty big rabbit up their sleeve in terms of VR.

Specifically, they took the time to bring out Facebook VR chief Hugo Barra (formerly of Google and Xiaomi) to talk about the Oculus Go: the standalone VR headset designed to offer mobile VR without the use of a smartphone. Whilst there he, rather unexpectedly, announced that the Go would be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, the sort found in last years flagships.

However, he also revealed that his former employer, Xiaomi, was Oculus’ hardware partner for the Go, building every single unit for the global market. It’s the first time Xiaomi have struck such a deal and it reflects brilliantly on the regard in which their hardware design and production is held.

That bombshell wasn’t alone though because Xiaomi has also revealed that within China, the headset will be branded as the Mi VR Standalone, sharing the same hardware as the Oculus.

There’s been no further word yet on release dates for either variant, but it’s expected that the device will hit in the first half of this year at around $199.

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