Much like men, all branding exercises must one day die. It’s a tragic fact of life, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking when it happens. Thankfully, I’ve yet to perish, but the same can’t be said for Xiaomi’s ‘Note’ branding, which is rumoured to be retired, as of the Redmi Note 5. Or should we say the Redmi 5 Plus?

According to a Super Moderator on Xiaomi’s MIUI fan forums, the latest generation of the Note line will drop the Note branding in favour of Plus monikers, effectively retiring the moniker which has become synonymous with the big screened, mid-range devices from China’s best and brightest. Here’s the post in full:

The wait is finally over, Xiaomi has finally decided to release the Redmi Note 5, wait!!! I heard its called the Redmi 5 Plus? No kidding?? There was a name change? Well yes folks, the 2 new Redmi Note sized phones are named Redmi 5 for the 5.7″ and Redmi 5 Plus for the 5.99″. What will happen to the successor of the Redmi 4X which is supposed to be a 5″ Redmi 5? No one knows, but as of the moment, Xiaomi has decided to drop the Note name on their 5.7″ sized budget phones.

The change hasn’t come via a press release nor a note with investors, so we’d stay calm on the possibility at the moment, but if it does pan out it’d indicate a new branding strategy over at the home of the Mi Mix 2.

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