Xiaomi have, over the years, been known for a lot of things. Originally, it was for ripping off Apple and Samsung. Then it was for low prices. After that, they garnered a reputation for outstanding value and quality. Now, with the launch of the Mi Note 2, they want to be a premium brand.

Every premium brand, however, needs a jaw dropping, awe inspiring product at the very top of their range. Many had expected that device to be the Mi Note 2, but the company had more more surprise for us at their press conference today – the Mi Mix, designed by internationally renowned designer Philippe Starck.

The most attention grabbing feature of the Mix is, of course, that immense, gigantic 6.4″ OLED screen with a startling 91.3% screen-to-body ratio. Such a dominant display has meant that the front facing camera has had to be moved to the bottom of the device, the earpiece has been replaced with a piezoelectric speaker which uses the metal frame of the phone to generate sound and the proximity sensor has been replaced with ultrasound.

It’s a wild, wild thing and gives the phone a look so futuristic it’s almost hard to believe it’s more than a concept. But it is – and the specs don’t end there.


Almost every single high-end spec you could shove into a phone is part of the Mi Mix. That means a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It means dual-sim support, the same hi-res audio chipset of the Mi Note 2, a rear mounted fingerprint sensor and a 4,400mAh battery. Oh, and that’s just the base model. The pro model knocks up the RAM to 6GB and the storage to 256GB, as well as adding incredible 18K gold accents to the device.

Both phones are fitted with 16MP rear facing cameras with phase detection autofocus and both are wrapped entirely in ceramic – a high end, durable material most commonly associated with luxury watches.


All in all, the Mi Mix is a spellbinding effort from the Chinese company. With a wonderful, sci-fi design and immense attention to craft, they’ve pulled off a remarkable feat – entering the top end of the market with absolute swagger.

Xiaomi are keeping quiet about how many Mi Mix’s will be available at launch, but we’d expect it to be somewhat limited.


All of which leads us to the cost. Well, the Mi Mix will be available in China on the 4th of November, and the base model will cost £425, with the 6GB/256GB model with gold accents coming in at £485. Both devices feature a premium leather case inside the box

As always, you’ll be able to pick it up through our trusted resellers.


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