Fitness! We’ve all got it, to some varying degree, but how can we keep track of it? These days, there’s about a million devices that’ll happily do the job, from the casual trackers like Apple Watch, Android Wear and Withings Activité watches to more serious trackers like Microsoft’s Band or Fitbit’s Charge. The issue with all of these devices was – and remains still – the matter of pricing. They’re all bloody expensive for what remains little more than a fancy pedometer.

That’s why the Xiaomi Mi Band struck such a chord with consumers around the world. It was a tiny fitness band that promised a month long battery life, sleep and step tracking plus added goodies like calories burnt – all for around £9. It was an astonishing deal, but it omitted some features that those truly interested in pretending to be interested in fitness would consider essential.

Now, there’s a new version of the Mi Band out, called the 1S – so what’s new about it?

Firstly, let’s start with what isn’t new, and that’s most things. The 1S retains the shape and size of its predecessor and even retains the same strap. Also unchanged is the majority of features, you’ll still be able to track distance, steps, calories burnt, sleep and even share data to your friends through your social network of choice. Indeed, the band will also vibrate and light up when you’ve got an incoming call or SMS.

What’s new is the inclusion of an optical heart rate monitor on the bottom of the pill shaped device. This means that alongside your other data, it can also give heart rate readings. What’s most impressive, however, is that both the one month battery life and £9 starting price remain the same.

The Mi Band 1S is available now from our trusted retailer BangGood

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