When news got out that Xiaomi would start selling some of their products in the UK, some of us got a little overexcited. ‘Those phones!’, we cried, ‘Those prices!’. It all seemed too good to be true. Well, it was. If you thought that Xiaomi would face up to the big bad world of patent litigation at such an early stage in their history, think again. Instead, we’re getting some of Xiaomi’s rather excellent accessories, which is fine, I guess.

Those accessories are the 10400mAh Mi Power Bank, which charges you phone four of five times before it needs a charge itself for £9 (the smaller 5000mAh unit is £6.50), the excellent Mi Band fitness tracker for £9.50 and the well received Mi Headphones for £51. Those are all pretty appealing prices, but as of this moment they’re all out of stock – sorry. Still, it’s pleasing to see Xiaomi making the big step over into Blighty, maybe soon we’ll see their low cost handsets for sale too.

Oh, and if you’re struggling to use the website, Xiaomi have put together a guide.

Click here for the Mi Store.

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