Xiaomi’s Mi Band has always been one of its more compelling products. It launched at a time when fitness trackers were overwhelmingly expensive for what they did, which was track stuff like your steps and sleep. Xiaomi’s answer was to strip it back to those basic functions and put a price tag of £12 on it, putting it within reach of just about anybody. The most surprising thing of all though? It was actually really good, and got even better when it got a mid-life refresh with a heart rate monitor included. No successful product can go unrefined, however, and so now we welcome the Mi Band 2 to the fray.

So what’s changed? It’s still a fitness, heart rate and sleep tracker for a start, but there are some significant changes to the design. Instead of an elongated smooth metal pill, Xiaomi have opted for a flat, gloss black design with a built in OLED display for things like displaying the time, your step count and heart rate without pulling out the app.

Internally there have been some changes too, with an updated pedometer algorithm and an ADI accelerometer for increased accuracy. All of which is wrapped inside a new, swappable hypoallergenic silicone band. Oh, and it can still pull off neat tricks like unlocking your Xiaomi phone and pulling down notifications from your phone to vibrate when you’re getting a call or text. In terms of battery life, you’re looking at 20 days before it needs to hit a charger.

Aside from that, it’s best feature is almost certainly its price. This more advanced Mi Band is coming to the Chinese market for just £16. That’s a touch more expensive than it used to be, but the added features more than make up for that. You’ll be able to buy one from our resellers from the 7th of June.

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