Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2 has landed and, well, let’s just say it’s mighty familiar looking. So familiar looking you might try to get it refunded before it bursts into flames (cough, cough). However, outside of that Galaxy ‘inspired’ exterior, there’s a bigger story to be told. A bigger story about a big phone. Let’s dive in.

mi note silver

The Note 2 has been leaked pretty consistently these last few months, and today was merely a confirmation of what lots of us already know – the Note 2 is quite the phone.

It starts with a 1080p 5.7″ curved OLED screen which bends away from you at both edges. Beneath that is a front-facing fingerprint scanner and some touch sensitive multitasking and back buttons for navigating Xiaomi’s Android skin. Around the back and we’ve got a similarly curved glass design that’s interrupted only by the 22.56MP rear camera unit, utilising Son’y IMX318 unit. That means electronic image stabilisation and 4K video without breaking a sweat.


Powering that mammoth screen and wild camera is a Snapdragon 821 processor, up to 6GB or RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Interally, the company have also managed to squeeze in a 4,070mAh battery unit, which should help see you through the day. If it doesn’t, however, there’s always QuickCharge 3.0 via USB-C to get you back on to go quickly.

Elsewhere, and having a bit of fun with Apple, Xiaomi have payed a particular focus to audio quality, including an AQSTIC audio processor, 192kHz/24bit playback and other audio goodies, all of which can be used with any headphone via a 3.5mm headphone jack. You’ll also find support for more accurate GPS and a 8MP front facing camera with superfast autofocus.

All in all, the Note 2 has turned out to be quite the capable handset, and it’s got a price to match. The base 4GB + 64GB model costs a steep £338, whilst the 6GB + 128GB model costs £398 and the 6GB + 128GB Global model with support for networks around the world costs a high £422. All versions of the handset can be had in Glacier Silver or Piano Black.


Those prices signal a change for Xiaomi, and perhaps tell the biggest story about the Note 2. Xiaomi now believe that they’ve earned to right to fight for a place at the big table where companies like Apple and Samsung sit, charging premium prices for premium products. Whether they’ve got the phones for that, only time will tell, but for now the Mi Note 2 is certainly impressive, if your budget will stretch to it.

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