It’s sequel season over in Xiaomi’s crib, and that can only mean one thing. Well, actually, it could mean a few things, but today it means that we’re getting an updated version of the Mi Pad.

The original version, henceforth to be known as the Mi Pad 1, was an enticing little device circa 2014. Running Android 4.4 on launch, it remade the iPad Mini in glorious, glossy, bright plastics and built a pretty enticing hardware offering to go alongside it. Powering that device was a top of the range Nvida Tegra K1 processor (which remains rare), 2GB of RAM, an 8MP camera and the exact same screen as the (admittedly lovely) iPad Mini. There were even a handful of neat touches, like the inclusion of a microSD card slot for memory expansion up to 128GB. Oh, and the price, it cost around £150.

However, the device didn’t sell in the numbers that some of their smartphone (and wearable) devices do, so they’ve returned to the market with a revised version of the product, which brings improved specs, build and software at an even lower price. Say hello to the Mi Pad 2.

Mi Pad 2 Side

Firstly, it’s important to say that the Mi Pad 2 remains, absolutely, a near perfect hardware clone of the iPad Mini. Oh, sure, the physical home button Apple are famed for is replaced by three capacitive buttons, but pretty much everything else externally remains the same. This new model even moves away from the distinctive plastic of the the original model in favour of an aluminium construction, available in grey and champagne gold. The device is slightly thicker than the iPad Mini 4 though, at 6.95mm, though that’s still 18% thinner than the outgoing model, and is now 38g lighter at 322g.

For this new device, Xiaomi have moved away from Tegra’s K1 chipset in favour of a laptop class Intel 64bit X5-Z8500 processor with Intel HD Graphics and 3G of RAM. That, when paired with a 6,190mAh battery should get you through around 12.5 hours of continuous usage. Also new on board is a USB Type C connection, which not only means fancy new tricks, but also will prove crucial for the really big news about the Mi Pad 2 – it can run Windows 10.

Mi Pad 2 back

Indeed, a variant of the 64GB model will run a clean build of Windows 10, letting customers use the tablet as they’d use a normal Windows 10 tablet, meaning the full range of software for PCs is available to you. Xiaomi claim the tablet will be powerful enough to run popular games like Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

All other specifications remain the same, so you’ll be getting a 7.9″ display with a 2048 x 1536 resolution, either 16GB or 64GB of memory, MIUI Android (or Windows 10) and a 8MP rear camera + 5 MP front unit.

The price is where Xiaomi really get you though, because this comfortably sized, powerful computer costs just £105 for the 16GB model (Android only), whilst the 64GB unit costs £135 (Android or Windows 10). The Android version will hit China on the 27th of November, whilst the Windows 10 model will land sometime in December. Both of which will be available through our trusted partners.

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