With 615 minutes of mind-numbing CGI action under its belt, enough shots of Shia LaBeouf’s rubber faced concern to last a lifetime and countless hours of rebooted animated programming, we’ve now reached Peak Transformers. Unfortunately though, not every Transformer has been brought along for a ride. Oh, we still love cars, trucks and dinosaurs, but what about the humble microcassette? Yeah, that’s not so popular anymore.

So what’s to be done? Well, if you’re Xiaomi, you work with Hasbro to relaunch Soundwave not as a microcassette player, but instead as a Mi Pad 2, a device which certainly won’t be obsolete within the next 20 years.

The toy, which looks to all the world like a heavily cracked gold Mi Pad 2 unfolds in 30 steps to become an aggressive new version of Soundwave. Xiaomi’s VP Hugo Barra said that his team¬†“worked really hard to ensure that [its] color, details and feel are exactly the same as the Mi Pad 2”.

How much does this future curio cost you? A mere 126 Yuan, or ¬£18.50, if you’re willing to help crowdfund the device. At publication, they’ve already received 380% their target, so it seems like this is really happening.

You can join in the crowdfunding fun here.

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