Following the lead from two of China’s most successful smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi and Motorola (recently acquired by Lenovo), ZTE have announced today that they intend to sell their high end phones through their own online portal from now on. It’s a move which has proven incredibly successful for Xiaomi, who shunned the in-store experience in favour of selling directly to consumers, therefore lowering prices and increasing profits for the company, taking advantage of the huge population and excellent distribution networks to ensure customer satisfaction.

It’s also a move which reflects the amount of research consumers put in before they purchase a phone. Research has indicated that most luxury goods purchases (of which smartphones are absolutely considered a part of) go through at least one review before purchasing, so having an online store which offers lower prices than in store makes perfect sense.

ZTE have indicated that they’re going to use this approach for both their domestic market and their Indian operations in an effort to beat Xiaomi at its own game in the burgeoning market, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see ZTE utilise the same approach for its UK market too. The company have seen only limited success within the UK, mostly partnering with carriers in order to make ‘own brand’ smartphones for the company’s and selling their low end handsets in store, something which won’t be doing their brand identity any favours at all.

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